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100 Club
Jan 2018 - The Club has now ended.  Thanks for your support.

About the 100 Club

The Redbridge Brass 100 Club helps to support the band's activities.

By joining the 100 Club you can help ensure the future of Redbridge Brass as one of the leading
championship bands in the area; as well as having a chance to win cash prizes every month!

Interested? How to apply

Please complete and sign the application form and return either as a PDF by email or print and send  to the
address below:

Application form and 100 Club Rule (doc)

Email:   kathy_sutton@hotmail.com

Redbridge Brass 100 Club,
c/o Kathy Sutton,
6 Ash Meadow,
Much Hadham,
Herts SG10 6DP

More about the band and 100 Club

Redbridge Brass has a long and distinguished history of performing and competing at the highest level of
banding, both at a local and national level. The band participates in many events around the country and is
completely self-supporting through membership subscriptions, contest winnings, and playing fees. Monies
raised go toward paying for performing music, raising money for new music, rehearsal hire and other
associated costs.

The Redbridge Brass 100 Club is a private lottery run by the band and is open to all band members, family,
supporters and friends. As a private lottery you have to be over 16 and invited to join, you will be allocated a
number and your tickets are not transferable.

A subscription to the 100 Club for one number/share can be bought with a payment of £24 per year (£2 per
month). Each month there is a draw for 50% of the income. This amount is divided between 3 lucky winners.  
Winning numbers will be posted each month on the band web-site and winners will be contacted directly
following each draw.

For example, if we have 100 members, the income for that month will be £200. 50% of the monthly income will
be used as the prize fund e.g. £100 split into three prizes (with the remaining £100 paid to the band)

  • The 1st prize will be £50 (if 100 members)
  • The 2nd prize will be £30 (if 100 members)
  • The third prize will be £20 (if 100 members)

You may buy more than one number per month.

We would prefer for you to pay for 12 months in advance ( £24 per number)
The more people who buy a subscription  €“ the higher the prize money!

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